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2016-11-17: Scnlog v2
Welcome to the Feedback page which serves the same purpose as it did in the old Scnlog and it’s the best way to “talk” to the admin. You can make your suggestions, complaints or requests here, preferably in a polite manner. If you are making a request for a scene release make sure it’s not too old. Don’t ask for re-uploads of stuff that was taken down to DMCA complaints.

Since we are in the beginning, there are probably some errors I didn’t notice. I’m mainly interested in releases that are in the wrong categories. If you spot one, please let me know.

2017-11-08: What happened?
Our previous domains and were suspended by the .eu registry and they no longer work nor I have access to them. Please update your bookmarks to the new domain Following this incident a Twitter account was set up so that you can be informed in case something like this happens again. Also the comments on this page were reset.


  • downloaderr says:

    thought we lost you…welcome back!
    my two cents….
    ‘if you release it – they will come”

    once you start making new releases available,the users will find the site again.

    hopefully, everything is working properly with the releases engine and releases can start flowing….

    the backup of twitter was long over due.

  • downloader says:

    still waiting for the APPS section to be updated with todays RLS’s….since there is no feedback from you by now I can’t tell if the delay is intentional or not.
    hope all is back to normal on your end..

  • says:

    @downloader, Apps was unintentional but I did disable some releases (TVHD and XXX) and skipped some others because there are so few visitors right now that it just seems a waste of bandwidth. And yes I should have the twitter account set up a long time ago, better late than never I guess. This caught me totally by surprise.

  • derpa says:

    I’m so glad you’re still here! Just found the twitter via google, I was getting worried after 2-3 days. Thx so much for coming back!

  • says:

    @derpa glad you manage to find us back ;) I don’t have a way to contact previous visitors unfortunately.

  • wizotoo says:

    I too am so happy to see you back :)

  • wizotoo says:

    high sysop
    I downloaded some apps from the uploadgig server and although they open and test good using the WinRAR gui when attempting to open them using total commander file manager they fail
    now whats interesting is if I download them from the openload server they work fine in total commander so im not sure if uploadgig is doing something to the rar files or what but just thought I should mention it
    thanks cya

  • wizotoo says:

    one other thing to note is I downloaded some stuff from other sires using uploadgig and those rar files don’t have this compatibility problem with total commander and I tried adjusting some packer settings it didn’t help so I redownloaded those releases from the openload links here instead of uploadgig and they are all good

  • wizotoo says:

    sires = sites*

  • comments says:

    long live scnlog, appreciate all your work on keeping this alive, hell of an effort.

  • Jazz says:

    I’m happy you’re back! I finally found your new domain is on a reddit post.

  • says:

    Welcome back guys!

    @wizotoo you’re right, I already seen complaints about this issue in the past. I just tested with this release and the file downloaded from Uploadgig – even though it extracts perfectly – has a different hash from all the other hosts. I’ll have to investigate to see in which side the problem lies.

  • dutchie says:

    I couldn’t check your reply (if any) since the site has changed in the meantime, but thanks for starting the NLSUBBED and DUTCH tv releases again. Hope you can keep it up.
    And welcome back, always loved this site.

  • house4ever says:

    I’m happy you’re back! I finally found your new domain,long live scnlog, appreciate all your work. Thanks!!

  • gilteon says:

    @Scnolg and @wiztoo, this probably means that Uploadgig is running a careless deduplication process. They see an uploaded file with the same name and a similar size to another file already on the server and just skip storing the new file and make a new link to the old file. As to the extraction problem, that’s probably a RAR5 archive, which many third-party programs are unable to extract.

    P.S. I’m kicking myself for not finding the new domain sooner.

  • wizotoo says:

    @gilteon total commander does support WinRAR 5 either internal or external unpack methods ive been using it for years and never seen this problem even once
    thanks for the reply :) cya

  • gilteon says:

    @wiztoo I figured it out. Uploadgig has been leaving some type of web header and footer on some of the files. I’ve stripped them off a bunch of mkv’s. For example, the file @Scnlog pointed out has “——————————825bbd0c786f
    Content-Disposition: form-data; name=”filedata”; filename=”/home/scn3/work/Dmvu-Bloccd_(Truth_Remix)-WEB-2017-2FAST4U.rar”
    Content-Type: application/octet-stream

    ” before the actual start of the rar header as copied from a hex editor. There’s a shorter footer at the end, but I haven’t finished downloading the file yet. Based on past experience, it’ll start with another two newlines and a string of dashes.

  • R says:

    good to see you back

  • Bleedish says:

    So glad you are still around. I almost shit myself when I first noticed you were gone. Although I did eat something that day that didn’t agree with me so maybe it was that. Coincidence? Maybe. But let’s just say my underwear will be happy to hear you’re back.

  • says:

    @dutchie, @house4ever, @R, @Bleedish welcome back guys!

    @gilteon, that’s exactly the problem and it lies on this side and not UploadGig’s. Anyway as you guys can see from the top bar notice, I’m replacing them for a different host, most probably Turbobit.

  • Maelcum says:

    Turbobit is a really crappy host, especially for free users. Almost all reviews are negative…
    Probably not the best choice.


  • UnknownGirl says:

    So glad I found the new domain! I thought the site was taken down.

    Had a question though, is the APPS > Game RIP section going to not get updated anymore? Some recent releases have not appeared like 20XX and Guns Gore and Cannoli HD. Thanks!

    Glad the site is back!

  • says:

    @Maelcum, so is UploadGig or Nitroflare. Free users have Openload/Go4up and Uploadrocket on some sections. Turbobit is good for Scnlog because it has unlimited storage, so no more deleting old files manually every day for me. :)

    @UnknownGirl, glad you could find us! Are you sure those games had rips? Not from the scene at least. Don’t worry, if some group releases them it will be here.

  • UnknownGirl says:

    These are currently missing:

    – 20XX v1 10 MULTI9-SiMPLEX
    – Guns Gore and Cannoli HD v1 2 12 MULTI11-SiMPLEX
    – Escape Close Call v2 0 X86 MULTI3-SiMPLEX
    – Escape Close Call v2 0 X64 MULTI3-SiMPLEX

    Hope it helps. I found out about these releases on a well known forum but they don’t share scene releases there unfortunately.

  • says:

    Yeah those were all incorrectly posted in the Apps section. Get them from there and tomorrow I will fix it.

  • UnknownGirl says:

    Terribly sorry that I didn’t see them. Should have used the search feature…

    Sorry for bothering you with this and wasting your time and thanks for being so kind to reply!

  • wizotoo says:

    @gilteon thanks for investigating and figuring out the problem with uploadgig good work :)

  • wizotoo says:

    high sysop I just realized I didn’t mention that rar files downloaded through uploadgig from other sites are good and its only the files from scnlog that have this problem
    not sure if it could be an option setting or something but thought I should mention it

  • wizotoo says:

    high sysop can you get this from a couple of days ago if its no trouble

  • says:

    @UnknownGirl, actually I’m going to leave SiMPLEX releases in the Apps section. It appears all their releases are labeled as 0day.

    @wizotoo, yeah I’m aware, it’s a problem with the script that uploads to UploadGig. But links from that filehost will end soon.

  • Eman says:

    yesterday was fine but today your site is already infested by pop ups that even adblock can’t stop…pity

  • says:

    I know, it sucks. But that’s the sad reality of websites like this in 2017. Thanks to the domain suspension, next week I’ll start paying the bills for this month… from my own pocket.

    But lately I’ve been thinking of alternatives to keep the site going without ads. Like having releases for the most popular sections only – like music and apps – and take out the rest. Time will tell.

  • eris says:

    Requesting back fill for missing MP3 releases…

    2017-10-17 Prince_Paul_Presents-The_Redux-WEB-2017-GCP_INT
    2017-10-13 Jamie_Cullum-Twentysomething-2003-GCP_INT
    2017-10-13 Deepspace5-5_Print_Mixtape-WEB-2009-GCP_INT
    2017-07-24 Awon_and_Kameleon_Beats-Love_Supersedes_LP_Instrumentals-2011-FTD_INT
    2017-07-24 Awon_and_Kameleon_Beats-Love_Supersedes-EP-2010-FTD_INT
    2017-07-24 Awon_and_Kameleon_Beats-Concentration_Gradient-2011-FTD_INT
    2017-06-27 Theory_Hazit-Halftime_Slow-(B07338XQ5Q)-WEB-2017-POWPOW
    2017-06-25 Adolescents-Return_to_the_Black_Hole-WEB-1997-ENTiTLED_iNT
    2017-06-25 Adolescents-Live_1981_and_1986-WEB-1989-ENTiTLED_iNT
    2017-06-25 Adolescents-Brats_In_Battalions-WEB-1987-ENTiTLED_iNT
    2017-06-25 Adolescents-Balboa_Fun_Zone-WEB-1988-ENTiTLED_iNT
    2017-05-22 Ramones-Subterranean_Jungle_(Deluxe_Edition)-BONUS_TRACKS-WEB-2005-ENTiTLED_iNT
    2017-04-21 Fiva_Mc-Status_Quo-CDS-2001-hbZ
    2017-04-04 Jello_Biafra–No_More_Cocoons-2CD-1992-WUS_INT
    2017-03-02 Nas-I_Am_The_Autobiography-NFOFIX-(Bootleg)-1999-GCP
    2017-02-23 John_Mayall-The_Blues_Alone-(Remastered)-2006-GCP

  • Eman says:

    Thanks for all your efforts anyway, & very glad you’re back, finding mp3 releases on http is a nightmare without your site!

  • Eman says:

    & yes indeed, movies & tv shows are everywhere to find so you could eventually drop them

  • says:

    @eris, sorry but I’m afraid I can’t help you.

    @Eman, exactly.

  • eris says: Thanks anyway, you run a great site

  • wizotoo says:

    high sysop I noticed part3 of the nitroflare links for this game is missing Super.Dungeon.Bros.Reloaded-HI2U

  • Marco Camargo says:

    Please re-post the files on Go4up servers like Ificher. The others are very slow

  • wizotoo says:

    @Marco Camargo openload is very good for free use

  • derpa says:

    Hi Scnlog, just read your comment #32. I use this site for music exclusively, movies and TV shows can be found many other places. Probably same goes for games too, which I’m sure also takes up huge amounts of bandwidth to upload. Whatever you have to do to keep the site alive, would be lost without it. Thx for everything!

  • wizotoo says:

    @derpa I have a feeling that games are very popular if not the most popular section everyone likes pc games don’t they

  • derpa says:


    Of course! Far be it from me to dictate what scnlog should do. :)

  • pat says:

    plz remove “one more stop” shit !!

  • says:

    @derpa, for the time being everything stays the same :)

    @pat, what do you mean?

  • UnknownGirl says:

    Please keep games on the site, as well as the apps section because this website really is the only one I know (and for a few friends of mine) that is trustworthy and safe. I really appreciate everything you do here greatly! Thank you!

  • thanks says:

    Since you’ve uploaded Aerofly.FS.2.Flight.Simulator.DLC.Pack-RELOADED, could you add the actual game too, Aerofly.FS.2.Flight.Simulator-RELOADED? If it’s not too big.

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